Pub menu


  • Halloumi Fries £4.25

    Crispy halloumi strips served with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Beef Sandwich £7.50

    Homemade bread, beef, horseradish sauce, roasted onions and roasted peppers.

  • Pulled Pork Bap £7.50

    Slow-cooked pulled pork shoulder, homemade bap, maple syrup.

  • Nachos £5.95

    Nachos, melted cheese, salsa, avocado, jalapeño chillies and sour cream.

  • Chilli con Carne £6.75

    Slow cooked beef, red pepper, kidney beans on tortilla chips.

  • Ham, Egg & Chips £6.25

    Cooked Ham, peas, eggs and chips.

  • Roasted Chicken Skewers £6.95

     Roasted chicken,   Chilli & Lemon Dressing

  • All Day Big Brunch £10.95

    (Saturday and Sunday only) 2 pork sausages, 2 rashers of back bacon, 2 fried free-range eggs, 2 hash browns, half a grilled tomato, button mushrooms and baked beans served with toast and butter.

  • The Harvest Moon Ploughmans £9.95

    Mature Cheddar cheese, home-cooked ham, blue cheese, apple, farm house pâté, pickles and rustic bread.


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